May 132014

I bought another old g5 last week. It was a dual processor one, got it for 20 bucks, took it home, and then it didn’t work.  Took it back, this is all hand carrying of that big ass tower, and they replaced it with a single processor.  No HDD, I put the extra on in ready to install the OS from the CD’s i still have, it opens, but doesn’t load.  Then I get an error saying boot size it too small, I try to eject the CD after that, nothing. CD drive is shot, I assume.  Friend suggests switching drives, good idea except the first disk is already stuck…

May 13th-So I pop out the drive, and try to google super drive force ejects, nothing useful. So tonight I opened it up myself and took out the CD. can’t get 2 screws back in, but figure that doesn’t matter since it’s shot anyways.

May 14th-I removed my old CD drive and replaced in the new computer, and then I tried installing it.  My hard drive ended up now showing up twice. In both sata slots.  So I’m stuck.  Then I decided to switch drives with my old computer so I could see if it was the hard drive or the SATA cables.

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Feb 082014

February 8th 2014-Yesterday I bought the computer of my dreams. Legitimately.  When I was going into highschool I want a MacPro G5 tower. Damn it was a beauty, but it cost $2,000. And yesterday after being tweeted at, I was informed there was a surplus sale, and I was went to see what was happening. And I saw macpros for 50 bucks and I got one, figuring the case it worth it at the least, and here is the restoration process. So I torrented 10.5 yesterday, and threw it on a USB since my macbook doesn’t burn dvds anymore. Of course since the computer isn’t imaged currently and “you can’t install from a USB on OS 9.” I’m not sure what the game plan is, so I just started the torrent of OS 9. I can’t get the disk drive open on the computer, which would be a huge issue. after booting into command prompt, cmd+alt o+f and then typing eject cd it works. However it makes me miss a really good fight in the LCS. Alright I tried to convert the NRG file to an ISO and it killed my USB drive scanned my computer and it wasn’t a virus, so I don’t know what else to do. Downloading some ISO files of it, one torrent and one normal download, and as long as it’s smaller than 5gbs I’ll be fine. But it’ll take a few hours. One of my downloads is done, but it’s a .toast file, which is weird to me. Finally figured out my plan and then my USB got corrupted and so I can’t transfer my os 9 file over to get burned. joy. Apparently I lost like 6 of my flash drives, including my hack drives, and only found one of them. Alright booted cmdaltof again, and did dev / ls we’ll see how this goes.

  • Gave up.

Using my last USB i’m going to install 10.5 on there and then try a method I just looked up. I’ll do this tomorrow.


Alright so now I have been booting and following from the guide i had. However I’m running into issues, so we’ll see how this goes.

Torrented a new os X and formatted my last Zip drive for it. And then after that, we’ll see how it goes.


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Jan 082014

January 7th, 2014- Wow that’s weird, I probably said 2013 in the last post… shit.

Anyhow, didn’t pay much attention to the market today besides noticing DUST be up 5% at one point. So happy about that.

Anyhow now I’m taking apart my dads laptop to get rid of the HDD, I’ve been ditching all his old macs HDDs this week, but this ones just stupid. It’s to be spent back for a repair. Interesting. Oh well.

I open it up assuming it’ll be like mine, a classic white macbook. From like 2007. However it’s not, and the HDD is hidden. Good times. I’ll keep you updated.

It’s pretty simple, but so many screws.

Front of the case was stuck. But we’re all good.

Somebody definitely took this apart before. A lot of tape inside.

Alright anyhow got everything out. And back together. Of course I can’t test it because no HDD. However I know I did it right, the real issue is that I wont be here when my dad puts the HDD back in. Oh well he’s smart.

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Jan 062014

January 6th, 2013-I bought Dust at close on thursday because NUGT was up 10% the next day Dust closed at 2% up or something, decided to keep it another day.

Woke up today it was down, and it kept dropping decided to sell Dust at 5% down, and now it’s coming up to where I would have only lost commission.

IEP isn’t doing too hot today, but I have faith.

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Dec 312013

December 31st, 2013-The last day of the year, andrew has been telling me to buy basically everyday and I still didn’t.  Woke up and it was up today. And then dropped back to 105(should have bought there).

Then i went on the best of tumblr, and came back and it was 107.00. I decided to buy, got 15 at 107.20 and I’m really hoping I didn’t fuck up.

Happy New year.

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Dec 182013

December 18th 2013-Waiting on IEP seems to pay off, it’s under 120 again finally. I want to buy again but I might wait another day. I’ll be wrong to wait another day, because Andrew told me to, but I don’t want to. I’ll just wait anyways my money isn’t going anywhere.

As for the rest of the market, I’ve been busy with finals and can’t pay attention yet.

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Dec 122013

December 12th 2013-I need to start listening to myself more. Screw what andrew thinks. And I need investment capital. See the way it works. Is I told andrew “BUY IEP WHEN IT DROPPED” If you’re intending to buy in 3 waves anyways, buy one set now. then i wanted him to buy one yesterday at 112. and he could have kept the third share out for whenever.

I literally told him it was going to close the day out at 120. But no. and now it’s back at 120. Personally i can’t afford to do any of that crap. But that’s my thoughts on the matter.

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Dec 112013

December 11th 2013-With finals and the game ending I’ve just bee burned out. No time to post.

Anyhow, the game ended I got 8th by 30k, that’s too bad, with my INSY trade and Fanny Trades, that dropped me 70k. Oh well that’s what happens int he real world.

IEP is down a lot over the last two days, and it’s at 111 I wanted to buy but andrew convinced me otherwise, hope it’s not a huge mistake. But it will be. Everyone started buying at 111/112 because that’s what it went down to last time it crashed. so they don’t want to be caught pantless again.

I’ve been really good with nugt and dust guessing lately, but still haven’t bought because i’m scare to lose my own money. Oh well. We’ll see.

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Dec 022013

December 2nd 2013-I forgot that the market opened on black friday. I had a huge gain that day, but didn’t sell out NUGT after it happened. So it dropped 16% today. Guess that’s my fault.

I bought bitcoin at 750, unlike the 420 I wanted because it took a few days for ban verifications, I randomly checked on thursday and it was up to 1150. Then I went away without internet and it dropped to 830 when I checked, I sold and it’s back up to 1000, stupid bad luck.

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Nov 282013

November 27th 2013-I’m finishing up the sale of the computer I just built. But I’m home for thanksgiving so I need to set up a new work station. I brought a monitor keyboard and mouse home though so it will be fine.

I just picked up his old computer and I intend to transfer over some files. I was worried his current set up would be too good and this new one wasn’t up to standards but now I’m sure my work is up to par.

Removed his old hard drive, lucky for me it’s a SATA, so with no messing around I could remove it and plug it into Red’s motherboard. Cable management for the 3 hard drives is a completely different story though. C: 500gb SSD D:blu ray E: 3TB HDD F: 160gb HDD.

iTunes, the bane of everyones life. Lucky for me SSD is quick as heck, so I can play with it and not take too much time. I don’t have the apple application support, so I’m going to download itunes, install it, delete it, and replace it with the current one I have.

iTunes decided it didn’t want to be uninstalled, so now I get to work with that. It still wont freaking delete. So I’m going to just replace everything. Nope, can’t find music anywhere.

Just tried to boot up to the old hard drive but the computer said “nope, that’s too old” and booted into windows 8 anyways.

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